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We didn't find any offers to send 2000 ZAR to LSL from South Africa to Lesotho

2 cheapest ways to send 2000 GBP from the UK to Lesotho

Zero fees and a special rate on your first 2 transfers
Recipient gets 39566.12 LSL
Rate 19.7831,
Fees 0 GBP
Payment options
Bank account Debit card Credit card
Receive options
Bank account
First transfer is fee-free
Recipient gets 38720.20 LSL
Rate 19.3601,
Fees 0 GBP
Payment options
Debit card Credit card Klarna.
Receive options
Bank account Cash Pickup

Easiest way to send 2000 USD from the US to Lesotho

Recipient gets 31330.20 LSL
Rate 15.6651,
Fees 0 USD
6 days
Payment options
Bank account Cash at Location
Receive options
Bank account Cash Pickup

The best services to transfer money to Lesotho

Transferring money to Lesotho should not cost you a lot. Why, because, with today’s digital revolution, there’re plenty pocket-friendly options to choose from based on your needs/requirements. Our ultimate goal is to make it easier for you to achieve that. We have included as many reliable providers as possible for you. All you have to do is do a comparison and choose the cheapest or one that suits your needs.

Furthermore, we ensure you understand all the payment details and the total cost to incur on your transfer. This is especially in terms of the current market exchange rates as well as service fees, and whether there’re any hidden charges.

How to send money to Lesotho online?

  1. Enter the country of departure – South Africa.
  2. Enter the country of receipt – Lesotho.
  3. Select the departure currency - you can send money online from South Africa in EUR and USD.
  4. Enter the transfer amount in the selected currency - for example, 2000 ZAR.
  5. Select the currency of receipt - the recipient can receive money in Lesotho in LSL, USD, EUR.
  6. Choose a suitable option from the 2 proposed providers and follow the link to process a money transfer from South Africa to Lesotho.

How to send money to Lesotho

Before you make your transfer, it’s important to check how much will be delivered to your recipient in Lesotho Loti after conversion.

There are several ways to transfer money from anywhere in the globe to Lesotho. These include:

  • Bank transfers – Transfer of funds between banks.
  • Cash pickup- Transfer of funds by companies using their agents.
  • M-pesa/mobile money– Cash transferred to the recipient through their mobile number.
  • Money transfer providers – Cash e-transferred by provider using the recipient’s email address.

5 easy steps to send money to Lesotho

  1. Log in if you already have an account or sign up for the provider’s money transfer services by creating an online account for free using your full name, phone number and email address. Ensure you create a strong password for security purposes.
  2. Enter the transfer amount in the currency of the country you’re sending from.
  3. Enter your recipient’s transfer details including their name, email address, bank details and delivery location in Lesotho (where applicable).
  4. Choose the payment method. You can pay with PayPal, bank account, credit card or debit card.
  5. Check your details to ensure you’ve entered correct information then send.

Which service to use

Transferring money from wherever you are in the globe to Lesotho has never been easier, with any of the top rated providers that we have listed for you. They include, TransferMate, sendmoney24, worldRemit, Skrill and TransferWise.  These companies are efficient, fast and secure; they ensure you save more on your transfer.

How much does it cost to send money to Lesotho?

The cost of sending money to Lesotho is pocket-friendly. This is in terms of the exchange rate fee and service fee.  Some providers have transfer limits while others allow for transfer of any amount.  You may be required to pay a flat fee or a small percentage of your transfer amount. For some, the more the transfer amount, the less the fee. Some charge zero service fee while others charge both the exchange rate fee as well as reasonable service fee.

Why you should choose us

Our goal is simple; to help you have the best money transfer experience beyond your expectations. With our listed global money transfer providers, you’re guaranteed same-day transfers, reasonable pricing and outstanding customer service. Make your transfer today by choosing the easiest way.


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