Transfergo Company was established in 2012 as an alternative way of transferring money internationally. Transfergo offers online money transfer services for customers sending money across the globe at a low cost. Furthermore, the company is secure, ensuring that the recipient can receive the money within the shortest time possible once the customer transfers the money.

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+44 13 9269 4030
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Head office
London, The UK

Transfer options

Transfer time
30 minutes
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Withdrawal options

Bank account

Payment options

Debit Card
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Bank Transfer

The company is a top choice option for most clients, and it has received great reviews on Trustpilot since it allows the customers to transfer money online using bank accounts or debit cards quickly. The customer can choose from 30-45 countries to send money to, at a flat rate without incurring hidden charges.

How to make a Transaction

  1. The first step is creating your account with Transfergo. You can achieve this by signing up with your email or using your Facebook account.Create account Transfergo
  2. Verify your account details in case the amount of money you are transferring is more than 900Euros. The requirements needed for this process include a copy of your ID and selfie. However, other documents may be needed in your country of origin.
  3. Then, set up your transfer by indicating the details of the country you are sending from and the amount of money the recipient will get. You can also indicate the speed of transfer by choosing from either the standard service or express service. The express service can allow you to complete the Transaction within thirty minutes. However, you have to incur additional charges compared to the standard service where no cost is incurred, but the transfer duration may take up to one day.Set up your transfer
  4. Lastly, send the money using your preferred method of payment. The use of bank transfers is available for all currencies, and debit cards can also be used to complete the Transaction.method of payment

Fees and Exchange Rates

Transfergo allows the customer to transfer money online at a meager price, without incurring additional charges. The website allows you to access real-time pricing information so that the customer can make a comparison depending on this information on the best method of transfer to use.

It also calculates your exchange rates based on the midmarket charges so that the customer can benefit from the low charges during the midmarket, plus a minus range of about 0-2.2% charge. Additionally, Transfergo allows you to choose the best services to transfer money online by guiding you through services that offer cheap transfer services. If the customer wishes to recipient to receive the money faster, the website provides an express service that charges higher than the standard service.

Advantages of using Transfergo

  • It allows the customer to send money globally at low costs
  • The service is user-friendly since it guides the customer through easy steps before finishing the Transaction.
  • Transfergo is a trustworthy service that sends money online at a very high speed and guarantees the safety of the clients' money.
  • It allows you to choose your preferred method of payment, based on the customer’s convenience.
  • Transfergo contains different languages that allow the client to choose the best language they understand before completing the transaction.

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