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Best way to send 2000 USD from the US to Aruba

Recipient gets 3577.00 AWG
Rate 1.7885
Fees 0 USD
You pay 2000 USD
6 days
Payment options
Bank account Cash at Location
Receive options
Bank account Cash Pickup

Cheapest way to send 2000 GBP from the UK to Aruba

No fees and a special rate on your first 2 transfers
Recipient gets 3868.46 AWG
Rate 1.9342
Fees 0 GBP
You pay 2000 GBP
Payment options
Bank account Debit card Credit card
Receive options
Bank account Visa

Easiest way to send 2000 EUR from Germany to Aruba

No fees and a special rate on your first 2 transfers
Recipient gets 3445.78 AWG
Rate 1.7229
Fees 0 EUR
You pay 2000 EUR
Payment options
Debit card Credit card
Receive options
Bank account Visa

The best services to transfer money to Aruba

When it comes to transfer funds to Aruba from any part of the world, you have limited options. However, there are some impressive services that can help you send money to Aruba easily, conveniently, and cheaply. Here, we have brought together the best way to transfer money to Aruba.

How to send money to Aruba online?

  1. Enter the country of departure – United States.
  2. Enter the country of receipt – Aruba.
  3. Select the departure currency - you can send money online from the US in EUR und USD.
  4. Enter the transfer amount in the selected currency - for example, 2000 USD.
  5. Select the currency of receipt - the recipient can receive money in Aruba in AWG, USD, EUR.
  6. Choose a suitable option from the 2 proposed providers and follow the link to process a money transfer from the US to Aruba.

What are the different ways of transferring money to Aruba?

If you want to cut down the hefty transfer fee, forget about bank transfer. Bank transfer is always time-consuming, hectic, as well as expensive. So, just forget it and go for online money transfer services that are the easiest way to make an international transfer. They save you from the long and hectic money transfer process and offer the money instantly into the account of the receiver.

The online services are also the cheapest way to send money to Aruba. Not just that, they are also completely safe and reliable. You can share your sensitive details like bank account and credit card with them without any worries.

Which service should you use to send money to Aruba?

It is a subjective choice actually. These all e transfer services are reliable, smooth, and hassle-free. None of them ever fails to live up to its expectations. However, not all have the same features. So, they all can’t fit in your needs. They have different features that are meant for different user needs. This is why be clear with your needs beforehand and then look for an online money transfer service accordingly. To make the decision more easily, compare all services, pay attention to their features as well as transfer fee, and then choose the most suitable one for you.

What do you need to compare when sending money to Aruba?

Without comparing the key features of these e transfer services, you can’t pick the best one for you. So, make sure to compare the following factors before choosing the one.

  • Transfer fee
  • Any hidden service charges
  • Exchange rate
  • Processing time
  • Daily transfer limit
  • Minimum and maximum transfer limit
  • Transfer time
  • Cancellation and refund policy
  • Customer support service
  • Transparency
  • User-friendliness

Reliable online remittance providers to Aruba

Here are the best providers for secure online transfers from the UK to Aruba.

TransferGoTransferGo is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transfer money from the UK to Aruba.
Is it cheap?TransferGo offers a good exchange rate of 1.9342 AWG per 1 GBP and does not charge any fees for the first two transfers.
How to pay?There are a number of ways to pay for the transfer to Aruba, including Bank account, Debit card or Credit card.
Is it fast?It will take a few minutes between sending and receiving at TransferGo.
How to receive?The money transfer can be received in the following ways - Bank account or Visa.

In addition to these providers, you can also use Western Union and others. You can compare the offers of each of them in order to choose the most favourable option.

How much does it cost to wire money to Aruba?

To send money to Aruba through online services, you’ll be charged a little amount of money as it is for other countries too. The amount of money can vary from service to service. This is why you need to check the transfer fee of all services separately. Ideally, it is never more than 2-3% of the total amount no matter which service you’re going with. To save some extra money, go for a cheap option and makes sure it offers you good exchange rates.

Advantage of going with us

If you want to enjoy some extra privilege, let us help you with your transfer. If you go with us, you’ll get a lot of benefits such as:

  • Easy interface
  • Assured safety and reliability
  • Possibly lowest charges
  • Quick comparison
  • All information in a single place


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