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Best way to send 2000 USD from the US to Anguilla

Recipient gets 5345.80 XCD
Rate 2.6729
Fees 0 USD
You pay 2000 USD
6 days
Payment options
Bank account Cash at Location
Receive options
Bank account Cash Pickup

Cheapest way to send 2000 GBP from the UK to Anguilla

No fees and a special rate on your first 2 transfers
Recipient gets 5808.16 XCD
Rate 2.9041
Fees 0 GBP
You pay 2000 GBP
Payment options
Bank account Debit card Credit card
Receive options
Bank account Visa

Easiest way to send 2000 EUR from Germany to Anguilla

No fees and a special rate on your first 2 transfers
Recipient gets 5168.78 XCD
Rate 2.5844
Fees 0 EUR
You pay 2000 EUR
Payment options
Debit card Credit card
Receive options
Bank account Visa

The best services to transfer money to Anguilla

The way we do commerce has changed throughout history. These days, goods and services can easily be transacted online! Businesses, clients, and consumers’ buying habits have evolved from buying in physical stores to getting more options online! E-transfer services are growing popular among many. There are many companies that offer this type of service all over the world, and it can even reach territories like Anguilla.

These transfer sites are easy to operate and use. What draws users to this kind of service is that it also offers security and the feature to track where the cash is. Plus, it also offers convenience for people who wish to send and receive money from far areas like Anguilla!

In order to make a great and secure decision on how you want to send your money, make sure to only transact with the best money transfer services. This site is designed to assist you in comparing and identifying which ones are worth your effort.

How to send money to Anguilla online?

  1. Enter the country of departure – United States.
  2. Enter the country of receipt – Anguilla.
  3. Select the departure currency - you can send money online from the US in EUR und USD.
  4. Enter the transfer amount in the selected currency - for example, 2000 USD.
  5. Select the currency of receipt - the recipient can receive money in Anguilla in XCD, USD, EUR.
  6. Choose a suitable option from the 2 proposed providers and follow the link to process a money transfer from the US to Anguilla.

How To Easily Process a Money Transfer to Anguilla?

Here are some easy ways you can wire money to:

  1. Learn the Currency and Foreign Exchange Rate. Anguilla is an overseas British territory. However, it’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. You may want to watch the exchange rate for this to make sure it will not lose a lot of value after conversion.
  2. IDs and Other Details. Next, you may prepare a proof of identification as well as write the details of the person you will be sending money to.
  3. Complete the Registration. You may enroll online bank account or credit card details to your chosen site’s system to send the money, so best prepare them too upon registration.
  4. Track the Transaction. One of the features that give you the easiest way to track where your money went is by watching where it goes through the reference number.

Which provider to use to wire money to Anguilla?

We found 2 providers, where you can send money to Anguilla from the US. A money transfer can be sent via MoneyGram, TransferGo.

Reliable online remittance providers to Anguilla

Here are the best providers for secure online transfers from the UK to Anguilla.

TransferGoTransferGo is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transfer money from the UK to Anguilla.
Is it cheap?TransferGo offers a good exchange rate of 2.9041 XCD per 1 GBP and does not charge any fees for the first two transfers.
How to pay?There are a number of ways to pay for the transfer to Anguilla, including Bank account, Debit card or Credit card.
Is it fast?It will take a few minutes between sending and receiving at TransferGo.
How to receive?The money transfer can be received in the following ways - Bank account or Visa.

In addition to these providers, you can also use Western Union and others. You can compare the offers of each of them in order to choose the most favourable option.

How Much does it cost to send money to Anguilla?

There are some sites that do not have fees for the transfer. Watch out for these if you prefer the cheapest way to send money to Anguilla. Others charge minimal fees for their money transfer services. Depending on the amount, some service providers can charge with as little as 1% of your transaction.

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