As a vital member of the Euronet Worldwide group, Xe Money Transfer is a great and reputable global provider of financial operations. For more than 22 years, the business has efficiently run its forex remittance activities as a licensed and authorized entity recognized by the HMRC in the UK and FCA (Federal Conduct Authority).

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Xe Money Transfer

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Newmarket, Canada

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$500,000 USD

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It is among the safest e transfer agencies because it uses an extremely robust encryption protocol to safeguard customer’s’ money. Besides, it is one of the few online companies that has the capacity to send or receive money internationally.

 In compliance with regulatory guidelines, Xe Money Transfer keeps all customers’ funds in segregated accounts.

How to Make a Transaction in 4 Simple and Quick Steps

Registering for an account to enable you carry out forex transactions on this secure platform is a simple 4-step process. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Account Registration: Sign up to create a personal transaction account by entering your email address and a password. Then add your physical address, name, phone number, and other contact details as directed.Account Registration
  2. Receive Quotes: Instantly get quotes for unbeatably low rates of transfering any quantity of cash. Confirm who will receive it, the currencies you want to transact and the amount you are sending.Receive Quotes
  3. Provide Details: Give the details of the beneficiary’s bank and the sender of the cash before initiating the transfer.Provide Details
  4. Funding the Transaction: The easiest way for funding your transactions is either through your credit card, bank account or debit card.Funding the Transaction

The amount you deposit is immediately converted and remitted to the account of the beneficiary. The service is accessible 24 hours throughout the day, 7 days a week. You can easily track transaction’s progress through email notifications or by alerts from text messages. It is that simple!

Fees & Exchange Rates

Transfers by Xe Money Transfer attract no fees, however, the system is connected to the live currency exchange trading that updates in real time. Consequently, you can check and wait until a favorable rate appears before confirming the transfer.


The advantages customers stand to enjoy if they use this platform are many.

  • Transactions are exceptionally quick and are done on the very day.
  • The security of your cash transfer is guaranteed by a state-of-the-art encryption protocol.
  • Immediate personal assistance from a special account manager.
  • It facilitates money exchange in more than 130 currencies and to more 200 countries.
  • All transfers take less than 24 hours to mature.
  • You can manage and monitor your account anytime from any place 24/7.
  • It provides options for transfering unlimited amount of cash.
  • The platform allows you to take advantage of currency rates that are only favorable to you.
  • It is easy to establish agreements for repeated payments with Xe.
  • Locked exchange rates through forward contracts are available. You can arrange for an advance exchange rate for coming dates of up to 24 months as surety against fluctuations.
  • Transfers are possible on smartphones or websites.
  • Offers special services for businesses like hedging for 3 years, automatic notifications, terms of credit, multiple payments, account control, forward orders etc.

Generally speaking, Xe Money Transfer is a quick, trustworthy, safe, and reliable method of fund transfers.

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