B-Sharpe — is an online platform that offers currency exchange of the Swiss currency (CHF). The services provided by was birth from the need for quality and favourable exchange rates accessible to all.

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With the intent to provide high-grade and top-notch foreign exchange service for all, B-Sharpe hires professionals in currency exchange and delivers transparent and reliable service.

How to make a Transaction with B-Sharpe

The process of making an online currency exchange on B-Sharpe is remarkable. The steps involved in exchanging your currencies on B-Sharpe include:

  1. The first thing to do is to open an account. The entire procedure involved in signing up does not take more than three minutes. Indicate if the intended account is for personal or business purposes. The private account requires your full name, valid email address, mobile number, and a password. Conversely, a business name, legal form of business, country, and business sector is required for a corporate account. You also upload necessary documents to your customer area and sign an online contract. The activation of an account on B-Sharpe takes less that one working day.
  2. The next thing to do for currency exchange is clicking on your customer area. Then you indicate the exact amount of money you intend to exchange. In addition, you need to provide the preferred currency and the account details of the recipient.
  3. Ensure that your B-Sharpe account has been credited with the amount that you wish to exchange. The payment methods available are local bank transfer, credit card, or a debit card.
  4. Once B-Sharpe receives the funds you wish to exchange, they take responsibility for the final step. They transfer the money to the recipient’s currency and transfer it to the indicated payout option or the accounts specified in the customer area.

It takes B-Sharpe approximately less than one working day to effect a currency exchange. This processing time applies to Swiss Franc (CHF) and can extend for other currencies.

Fees and Exchange Rates

Customers can exchange currencies from their customer area at reasonable fees on B-Sharpe. For currency exchanges, the rate of B-Sharpe is between the ranges of 0.1% to 0.5% of the total amount. The currency pairing, amount of money to exchange, and the marketplace activity determine this rate at that time. However, the fee for each transaction is free for amounts of more than CHF 5,000. If the money is less than CHF 5,000, you will have to pay about 0.1%.

Advantages of using B-Sharpe

  • The foreign exchange transactions in B-Sharpe covers over 20 currencies
  • Customers can easily exchange their pension or salary in their preferred currency at any time.
  • B-Sharpe has more than 1000 reviews of 4.8/5.0 rating on Trustpilot
  • They have foreign exchange professionals that users can access when they have any questions
  • Swift response and feedback system to assist customers on any exchange challenges
  • The processing time of currency exchanges is instant and they are 100% programmed
  • The online currency exchanges on B-Sharpe are secured, credible, and transparent.
  • They have an amazing feature that can lock a specific rate for you foreign currency payments

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