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CONTACT is a payment services system that facilitates the local and international transfer of cash in Russia. Founded in 1999 by JSB Russlavbank (Ltd), CONTACT is the oldest Russian payment network. In addition to its pioneer status, the company is a leader in the remittance services sector in Russia as well as in CIS countries.

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Phone number
+7 495 981 42 55
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Head office
Moscow, Russia

Transfer options

more than 170
Transfer time
1 - 2 days
Transfer limit
5000 USD

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Cash pickup
Debit card

Payment options

Debit Card
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QIWI wallet

CONTACT partners with over 1000 financial institutions and — both in Russian and abroad. The payment system has a presence in more than 180 countries and runs a large network comprising over 500 000 POS. In July 2019, it facilitated at least 30% of international transfer to Russia. The company has been steadily expanding and now supports a wide range of money transfer channels that give its customers access to new and better technology-based services.

QIWI plc — CONTACT’s only shareholder since 2015 — is a top provider of innovative payment and financial services across Russia and the CIS. Its own integrated network facilitates transfer services across various channels including physical kiosks, mobile devices, and online platforms.

QIWI enables tens of millions of users to connect and move over ₽79 billion in the form of cash and other electronic payments each month through more than 20.3 million eWallets and a network of over 149,000 outlets and terminals.

CONTACT offers both fund-transfer and payment services through which users can pay for products and services or transfer funds. Customers can pay with cash or other electronic payment methods either virtually or at a physical location.

How To Make A Transaction Through CONTACT Network

CONTACT enables the fast, reliable, and inexpensive transfer of cash. Anyone can easily send funds to individuals or corporate entities from CONTACT outlets without even creating an account. Furthermore, CONTACT transfers can be made via QIWI Terminals too. To make a transfer through CONTACT payment service, do the following:

  1. Visit any CONTACT Payment System outlet.
  2. Pick a cash collection point of the recipient.
  3. Give important data about the transaction including your information and that of the beneficiary, for instance, the recipients name as it appears on his passport.
  4. Present the necessary proof of identity.
  5. Pay the amount of the transfer, as well as commission.
  6. Share Transaction details with the recipient including the transaction I.D.

Fees & Exchange Rates

For transfers through CONTACT outlets to bank accounts, the sender pays a minimum of 125₽ and up to 1% of the transfer sum for banks in Russia, but the fees vary for other countries. For transfers through QIWI terminal, the sender pays a minimum of ₽50 and up to 2.5% of the transfer sum in Russia and up to 3% for CIS countries.

Advantages of Using CONTACT Payment System

There are a number of benefits for moving cash through CONTACT services.

  1. Transfers are fast, reliable, and relatively inexpensive.
  2. They offer a simplified transfer process that does not require customers to open an account as payments can be sent through the nearest CONTACT Payment System outlet.
  3. Transfer processing takes less time as clients are not required to do the exhausting job of filling out transfer forms by hand.
  4. Transactions can be carried out in RUB and other currencies including USD and EUR.
  5. There is no cap on the minimum amount one can send.
  6. They offer a life insurance program.

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