Three friends, Harry Enver, Robert-Lee Griffith, and Tien Tran, are the founders of this company. In 2003, they embarked on creating a company to provide the best and excellent customer service on foreign exchange in the easiest way possible. They deduced that the best way to transfer money from one country to another was by having a company in place to rival the pathetic and expensive exchange rate offerings by the banks.

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The company is registered, regulated, and authorized for operations by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under Firm Reference number 630685. From its inception, the company has been growing at a 40% yearly rate and employs over 60 people. It has also aided over 150,000 customers to trade volumes of over £6 billion.

The Utilization of Currency Solutions

To wire money from one country to another across the world, there are steps to follow when using Currency Solutions Limited services.

  1. Account opening – pay a visit to the company’s website and open a free account.Create account
  2. Provide the recipient's details – details on where the money is to be sent and to whom.
  3. The Transfer Set-up with the company – indicate by entering the amount you intend to transfer and the cost you plan to pay for the same transfer to be done. The Transfer Set-u
  4. Authorize the transfer payment – you will then need to fund the transfer via a debit card, credit card, or bank account transfer at your local bank.
  5. The company’s back-end – Currency Solutions Limited will complete your transfer by converting your money to the recipient’s currency before sending via the selected preferred pay-out option.

The Cost Implications in Terms of Exchange Rates and Transfer Fees

The company has continuously been getting high and positive reviews on its costs and exchange rates that are more than competitive in the market. It currently has over 1000 clients giving it a rating of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Since it intended to beat the banks' high exchange rates, the company offers free transfers, thereby, converting the currency at the agreed exchange rates.

On exchange rates, the company offers varied charges dependent on the amount to be transferred. The higher the transfer amount, the lower the rate and the lower the amount the higher the rate of up to about 1%. The beauty of the exchange rates is that they are agreed on before-hand thereby giving the knowledge of the expected amount to be delivered. The likely additional charges are from third parties that Currency Solutions has no control of, so enquire widely before using such third parties.

The Benefits of Currency Solutions

  • It is one of the cheapest way to send money from one country to another as it is an easy, secure, and fast payment means on cross-border engagements.
  • It has a proper intel or information on the currency risk management like forwarding contracts, limit order, and stop-loss order. Further, the company has an excellent e transfer service over the phone.
  • You are assigned a dedicated and account portfolio manager to help you mitigate losses, risks, and profit protection. The service confirms the company's belief and practice in high-quality customer service delivery.
  • It has excellent foreign exchange rates and further free services on transfers that are above £3k.
  • With a secure online platform, the clients are offered unrestricted and unlimited access to their accounts at any time of their need.

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