EasySend is a 14-year-old Poland based money transfer company that provides you a secure monetary transaction service with minimal transfer charges. The forte of EasySend is it's fast and reliable service that enables individuals to transfer their valuable money all across Europe.

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+48 58 500 86 75
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+44 20 3318 7267
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Gdańsk, Poland

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In this day and age, when there are a lot of money transfer services, it is hard to select a reliable one. But EasySend is a trustworthy monetary transaction service that has grown extensively over the past few years and established itself by providing sterling services to the customers. EasySend has thousands of trusted customers that have sent more than £130 million using the EasySend money transfer service. The thing which makes EasySend different from other money transfer services is that it does not necessarily require a bank account of the recipient. Instead, you can transfer the money to the post office account of the recipient as well.


EasySend provides the convenience of sending money from one part of the world to the other. The process of transferring money to your desired destination is quite simple and consists of 3 steps only.

The three steps are as follows:

  1. Make your account on EasySend: The first thing you need to do is to make your account on EasySend. For that matter, you would have to provide your email and to choose a password for your account. However, you can sign up for an EasySend account through Facebook, Gmail, Apple ID, etc. The EasySend account is entirely free, and it will not require more than 2 minutes to make it. Make your account on EasySend
  2. Choose the recipient: Once you have signed up, the next thing you need to do is to choose a recipient. If your desired recipient does not appear in the current recipients' list, then select the option  "Add a new recipient." Choose the recipient:
  3. Select the amount and transfer method: Once you have selected a recipient to whom you want to transfer funds, now you have to choose the amount of money that you want to send to the recipient. Along with selecting the amount, you must also select the payment method. EasySend accepts various payments method such as bank transfer, credit card, e transfer, transfer funds into post office account, etc. Select the amount

Fees and Exchange Rates

When it comes to the transfer fees, EasySend is the most reasonable money transfer service out there. The most engaging fact about EasySend is that it does not charge any fees for the first and every tenth transaction. EasySend has no hidden or additional charges. However, EasySend charges the transfer fees ranging from £3.50 to £3.99, depending upon the service you choose.

The standard fast service costs £3.50, which takes about 24 hours or two days to deliver money. Whereas, SuperFast transfer service of EasySend costs £3.99, which takes only 10 minutes to send money all across Europe. Furthermore, as far as the exchange rate of EasySend is concerned, it currently is 1.00 GBP, EUR, PLN, etc.


  • Trusted and secure service: EasySend is a licensed monetary transaction service that keeps your valuable money safe. It has made thousands of trusted customers over the years by providing them a secure and trustworthy service. EasySend verifies all the documents and procedures before any transaction.
  • Rapid transaction: EasySend is one of the fastest money transfer services in the world. Its money transfer rate is quite remarkable, and the SuperFast money transfer service of EasySend can transfer a large amount of money in just 10 minutes across all Europe.
  • Customer support: The customer support service of EasySend is very active and cooperative. You can call the customer support service agent anytime, or you can email or message your query. The team of EasySend is very responsive, and they value their customers a lot.
  • Good exchange rate: The exchange rate of EasySand is quite reasonable and affordable, and many customers of EasySend tend to save money from each of their transactions.

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