Exchange Market — swiss fintech that provides its exceptional services in exchanging Swiss Francs and Euros. Since coming into being in July 2015, in Zürich, Switzerland, company is committed to serving in a simple, straightforward, affable, and time and cost-efficient way to all of customers regardless of the amount.

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Changing Euros from/to Swiss Francs always becomes a challenging part especially for those who have small amounts. Large businesses and the customers with hefty sums might get served in a better way and they also enjoy various offers and discounts on their transactions but, ordinary people with small funds won’t have these amenities., however, gives value to each of its customers regardless of they come with a hefty amount or an ordinary person needs a small amount of money to exchange/transfer.

What Exactly is Exchange Market

Meeting all the regulatory needs of FINMA, Exchange Market got complete authorization and an online money exchange license. Being the active member of the country’s largest Fintech association Swiss Finance Startups, company’s playing a crucial role in the Swiss economy.

Because of their exclusive expertise in the online Swiss Franc/Euro exchange, they provide money exchange services in only these two currencies. This strategy gives company more focus on it’s job and to be pretty good at it.

With highly transparency, real-time guaranteed exchange rates, completely free of charge services, and fastest transfers, Exchange Market is rapidly becoming a leading exchange company. With already more than 20,000 satisfied customers, has become the most trustworthy money exchange company and attracting countless new customers every coming day.

A Step by Step Guide to Make A Transaction

There’re a few simple and easy steps to become a member and make a transaction with Exchange Market. Follow these steps and get all the benefits of exchanging your Euros/Francs from this company;

  1. Sign up for free with
  2. They’ll send a private code on your postal address. Activate your profile after receiving the code.
  3. Get registered with the bank account you’re going to make transactions with.
  4. Check the current EUR/CHF exchange rates, and select the required currency with the amount.
  5. Switch the required amount from your bank to company’s account.
  6. After exchanging, will resend your money into your bank account and this is all.

Fees & Exchange Rates

You aren’t going to pay any charges in any case whether you have a big amount or a little cash. Our services are completely free. No service charges declared or undeclared; no fee on the transactions, and no notorious exchange rates.

As soon as you’ll click on, the very first thing your eyes will catch are the exchange rates. If you’ll go a step below, you can witness the comparison chart that shows how much you’re going to save with transparent and guaranteed exchange rates.

On exchanging up to CHF 5,000/month or equivalent amount in Euros, you need a basic profile at Amounts higher than the mentioned one require a full profile where some verifications are demanded to prevent money laundering. In both cases, our services are free of charge.

Advantages of Making Transactions Through Exchange Market

Making your transactions through this company, carry countless benefits. A few of them are as below;

  • More than ever transparent, guaranteed, and most recent exchange rates
  • You save up to 70% in your transactions
  • No fee imposed, no veiled or unveiled service charges
  • Speedy, secure, and easy to track transactions
  • Licensed by FINMA. Under the supervision of self-regulatory organization PolyReg and AML Revisions AG, our services strictly comply with the government regulations.
  • All-time responsive and best solution providing customer service

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