Fourex Company provides exceptional self-service money exchange services to customers from all over the world. It was founded in the year 2014 and has devoted its efforts towards providing revolutionary self-services to customers by setting up different kiosks to help people get better access to their services. Fourex offers unique services to its customers by accepting both sorted and unsorted coins and notes, thus allowing customers to exchange even currency that is not in circulation.

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+44 1322 643019
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Head office
London, The UK

Transfer options

more than 150
150 currencies
Transfer limit
no minimum transaction amount

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Bank account
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Debit Card
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Fourex has extended its services to more than one hundred and fifty countries since it was established.  This allows it to accept currency from these countries and convert it to either dollars, Euros, or Pounds within a very short time. Fourex has forged ties to establish a contract with companies like Transport for the U.K, which allows it to roll out its forex exchange machines to U.K and London to reach out for more customers.

How to make a Transaction

The company has made the process of money exchange very simple. Whereby, once the mixed coins or notes are placed in the machine, it utilizes its advanced technology to evaluate, identify, and then exchange each of the coins or notes into respective values based on the currency selected. The kiosks set up by the company allow the customers to exchange a wide range of currencies that belong to either of the 150 countries. The customer should undertake the following steps to access these self-service money exchange from the company.

  1. First, place your order online using the mobile application or visit money service's website and fill in your details to create your account.
  2. Choose the date for your delivery to allow completing the transaction and delivering currency to your location.
  3. You can secure your delivery by using Royal Mail, to avoid inconveniences such as fraud.

Fees and Exchange

Fourex offers affordable money exchange services, which are lower than what most banks charge their customers. Furthermore, the company doesn't charge its customers to transfer fees when making international money transfers. Its services are regulated by the FCA to ensure that it doesn't overcharge its customers and boost its security level in terms of protecting the customers' money. Lastly, the company offers free personalized customer service to ensure that customers are helped at an individual level and allow for easy access to customer service, as opposed to other companies where customers have to wait for long before being attended.

Advantages of using Fourex

  • It provides affordable exchange rates to its customers that vary depending on the amount of money being exchanged.
  • It’s regulated by FCA, thereby making it a secure way for people to exchange currencies.
  • The currency can be exchanged into dollars, pounds, or Euros, depending on the customer's choice.
  • There is no need to sort the coins and notes because Fourex uses advanced sorting machines that make it easier to sort the coins and notes correctly.
  • It also accepts U.K coins that have been out of circulation in the economy.

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