Grosik is a digital money transfer platform through which individuals and companies send money to other countries. It prides itself on the competitive exchange rates that it offers, excellent customer service, and low transaction fees alongside competitive exchange rates.

Contact Grosik

Phone number UK
+44 (0)207 959 6880
Phone number Poland
+48 22 307 3560
Phone number Ireland
+35 314 311 076
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Customer service


Head office
London, UK

Transfer options

more than 22
more than 5
Transfer time
0 - 2 days
Transfer limit
50,000 GBP

Withdrawal options


Payment options

Visa or MasterCard debit card
Electronic bank transfer

Grosik is a subsidiary of VFX Financial Plc. and it was established as a money transfer service for citizens of Poland living in other countries to send money to their family and friends back home easily. However, Grosik, as a service, has transcended beyond just Polish users. It now has users in different countries around Europe and is headquartered in London. The parent company, VFX Financial Plc. has set up different financial institutions that offer money transfer and currency exchange services. So, you can be sure that your transaction is in safe hands and will be handled in the best possible way.

How to make a transaction

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on "Register" to create an account.
  3. Choose your account type (Individual/Corporate) and fill out the fields in the registration form.
  4. If you already have an account, click on "Sign in."
  5. Submit the recipient's details and the amount you want to send.
  6. Pay for the transfer using your bank account or debit/credit card.
  7. Grosik will complete the transaction while giving you the best exchange rates

Fees & Exchange Rates

Sending money via this platform costs a minimum of PLN 10, £1, or €1. These are extremely low transaction fees that no other platform may offer you. Although these fees may change with the transaction amount, Grosik still generally offers fantastic rates. It also aggregates the most competitive exchange rates and applies them to all of your transactions.


While there are lots of other international money transfer service platforms offering similar services as Grosik, if you are in search of low transaction fees and excellent customer service, choose Grosik. Below are some of the reasons to choose this platform;

  1. Low transaction fees £1 for every transfer.
  2. Your payments have maximum security, and you have nothing to worry about. It operates in compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) codes of operations.
  3. There is a web platform as well as a mobile app to make the transfer possible on mobile devices and on the go.
  4. The service is available at every hour of the day, with no downtimes.
  5. It offers better exchange rates compares to the banks.
  6. It has a customer support team that speaks both English and Polish languages.

The app is available in both the App Store and Google PlayStore so you can carry out your transactions on your mobile device.

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