Founded in 2008, LuLu International Exchange is a trusted name in the financial industry offering services like overseas money transfer, wage and salary administration and foreign exchange. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the company is operational across the GCC countries like Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and even India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Spread over 83 countries, LuLu International Exchange operates out of 180 branches. It also maintains liaison offices in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where customers can conveniently avail remittance services.

Contact LuLu

Phone number
+971 455 189 57
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LuLu International Exchange

Head office
Abu Dhabi, the UAE

Transfer options

Transfer time
3 working days
Transfer limit
no limit

Withdrawal options

Direct to account
Cash Pickup
LuLu Now
Door to door cash delivery

Payment options

Payment Gateway
Wire transfer
Cash payment

LuLu International Exchange is renowned for offering affordable money transfer services and boasts of over 6 million clients, including individuals, international companies, banks, and businesses.

How to make a transaction

If you want to avail the international money transfer services offered by LuLu International Exchange then you need to either visit one of their local branches in your city or opt for an online transaction by using the LuLu Money app.

The app based money transfer system is availed by over 6 million customers spread across 83 countries and interestingly half of its customers come from India. There’s a huge number of Indian expatriates living in UAE, Europe, and America who avail the app based money transfer services. In fact, international money transfer through the app is the most convenient and affordable way to send money back home.

How to make a transaction

Fees & Exchange Rates

Money transfer through the LuLu Money app is possible after paying a small transaction fee and 5% Value Added Tax for every transaction. The fee charged for every transaction is never more than $40. Additionally, irrespective of whether you’re sending the money via the app or go to a LuLu Exchange branch to transfer money, the fee remains unchanged.


LuLu International Exchange should be your preferred choice because no other international money transfer company can boast of such reach and robust infrastructure. Sending money to your friends, family, employees, and business associates is easier and cheaper as the company has branches in many countries to facilitate sending and receiving of money. Here’s why LuLu International Exchange is preferred by customers across several countries:

  • Huge physical network of branches – Since the company has over 180 branches across 83 countries to facilitate sending and receiving money.
  • Mobile App – The LuLu money app gives the opportunity to send money as and when required without leaving your couch.
  • Efficient services for individuals and corporations – Irrespective of whether you want customized payroll service, want to send money to a business associate or want to send money to your family, Lulu International Exchange is the most efficient service provider in the market.
  • Affordable money transfer – It’s certainly more affordable as the exchange rate and transaction fee is way lower compared to banks and other financial companies.
  • Efficient customer service – Support over email, phone and Live Chat is available 24/7 all round the year, so you’ve a help just a click away.

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