Established in 2013 in the city of London, United Kingdom, Lycaremit is money transfer service provider focused on secure, low-cost, and high-speed transactions. It serves customers with the best way to transfer money to over 80 countries across the globe. It has been certified secure, and is a financial service provider registered with the relevant authorities.

Contact Lycaremit

Phone number
0207 132 0015


Head office
London, UK

Transfer options

more than 80
more than 50
Transfer time
depend on the type of transfer
Transfer limit
depend on your verification status

Withdrawal options

Bank deposit
Debit Card

Payment options

Debit Card

Lycaremit has an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot and has received hundreds of positive reviews.

How to make a transaction

  1. Sign up or log in. Once you confirm service sends money to your designation country from your country of residence, create an account with Lycaremit. The sign up process is straightforward. Create an account by verifying your email and identification documents. If you already own account, log in on homepage and access your account immediately. Sign up or log in
  2. Add recipients’ information. Are there family and friends you regularly send money to? Add and save their information so future transactions are hassle-free. You’ll need to input their official names, ID, bank account number and registered address. Add recipients’ information
  3. Verify payment method. Now your Lycaremit account is ready for use. Add and verify a payment method such as your bank account, debit or credit card. Service expedites the verification process so you rapidly access the cheapest way to send money across Europe and the World. Verify payment method
  4. Send money and confirm receipt. The last step is to send money to family, business associates, investors or friends. After the transaction window has elapsed, verify with the recipient that they have received the funds. Send money and confirm receipt

Lycaremit’s fees and exchange rates

At Lycaremit, they pair affordability with efficiency and speed. They keep their fees low and exchange rates competitive. Depending on your destination country and the send amount, you will pay a minimal British Pounds fee. Company states it’s fees upfront. The recipient pays zero fees on receiving funds.

Use our cost estimator tool and immediately get to know currency conversion rate, fees, and exactly how much the recipient gets cash in hand.

The offered advantages

Lycaremit is an outstanding money transfer operator with happy customers in over 80 countries. Here is why:

  • Fast and reliable. The trademark is efficiency in sending funds, and in conducting hitch-free e-transfers.
  • They send money to almost any country across the globe and in various currencies. Whether your recipient is in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or the Americas, they get the money into their hands
  • Low cost transactions that get the most money into the recipient’s pocket.
  • Safe and secure transfers that protects both your funds and your information. The company invested in RSA 256-bit encryption so you have peace of mind every time you visit our website.
  • You earn Lycamobile credit worth 5 GB pounds for transactions of over 300 BP pounds where terms and conditions apply.
  • Customer service support is available round-the-clock to address your queries and concerns.

For a low-cost, high-speed online money transfer experience, where your money and personal details are guaranteed secure, Lycaremit is a solid option to consider.

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