If you are living in EEA and searching for money transfer services, Monese can make your task easier. You can create an online current account using their mobile app. Monese not only provides online account services but also all the basic services that you get a standard bank.

Contact Monese

Phone number
+1 706304001
Mobile App
Customer service
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Monese Ltd

Head office
London, The United Kingdom
European Economic Area

Transfer options

Transfer time
2-4 hours

Withdrawal options

Bank account
Cash Pickup

Payment options

Debit Card
Post Offices or any Paypoint location
Bank Transfer

Clients do not need to leave their place; they can use Monese mobile application for opening an account. On top of that, you can get more than one accounts without paying extra charges. The Monese does not require any proof of address. The account opening process is quite simple; you just have to provide your ID card and passport size photo.

You can deposit money in your account by direct transfer from any bank as well as by using a debit card.

How to make a transaction with the Monese app?

It only takes a few minutes to transfer money from Monese application. Here are the easy steps:

    1. Login your Monese application and select Pay.
    2. Click on “create new payee”, here you will have to provide basic details of the recipient including name, bank name, and address.
    3. Select the currency of the country where you want to transfer money and enter the amount.
Transfer money with monese

The money transfer process will take only 3 business days. It may also depend on the processing time of the recipient's bank.

Exchange Rate and other charges

They offer affordable plans as compared to the other interbank charges for money transfer. According to the company, clients can save up to 88% while sending money using Monese services. They have the following plans:

  • £0 per month for plan 1. They get 2% of the currency exchange fee which is a minimum of £2
  • £5.95 per month for plan 2. They get 0.5 % of the currency exchange fee
  • £14 .95 per month with no currency fee


Monese allows you to open European as well as the UK account at the same time. These two accounts can be switched instantly. Their application is available for both ios and android users. You can get notifications when the recipient receives payment. Moreover, you can track your spending using the Monese app.

It allows a quick set up of account without asking for a local address or credit check. The account creation process hardly takes 3 minutes. Monese’s app is user friendly, you can use it with confidence even if it’s the first time you are using it. Users can make categories of their transactions for future use. Its security feature makes it a perfect money transfer app. You can freeze the card in case you lose it somewhere. You can send receive free payments in any part of the world where the monese services are available as they have no withdrawal charges. You can deposit the amount in your Monese account without paying any fee. In addition to this, they provide reliable customer services in various languages. No doubt, Monese is the most reliable financial services provider company.

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