No1 Currency — one of the largest and most reliable foreign currency exchange retailers in the UK, with numerous stores spread throughout the country. Over the past years, the company has created secure fame in the market regarding its policies and services.

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No1 Currency

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Edinburgh, Scotland, the UK

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less than 24 hours

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The company aims at providing competitive market-beating exchange rates to its customers.

Besides offering a choice of access to more than 60 different currencies, the company provides its customers with the opportunity to retain VAT refunds in currencies for the exchanges that you make on the company outlets.

The company’s prime purpose is to ensure the precision and accuracy of the local services it offers, along with making the customers utter satisfaction an utmost priority.

How to make a Transaction?

No1 Currency has gone a mile up high in the quality of services they provide. Besides, the company stores have been sketched all over the United Kingdom; it has also introduced an online website to advance their assistance. The company has added a few methods for making a transaction. Those methods are:

  1. Click & Collect: The click and collect services provide customers with ease of pre-ordering the сurrency online and collecting it at the store. It benefits their customers by saving a ton of their time, for they do not have to visit a store to collect information about the availability of сurrency and their exchange rates. This service allows you to make a transaction up to £ 3,000 in a maximum of four different currencies. All you have to do is pre-order your purchase, verify it, and then visit the store on the appointed day to make a transaction. And the best part about this method is that you will pay when you visit the store.
  2. Click & Sell: Another method introduced by the reputed company is the ‘Clik & Sell’ scheme. With this scheme, you can sell your сurrency to the store on your pre-booked rates. You can sell up to £ 3,000 at a time with this service. Just the agreement is signed online, while the transaction or selling is made at the store on the appointed day.
  3. Home Delivery: No1 Currency provides the ease of getting a delivered transaction too. However, the rates might differ a bit. But the idea is still worth considering, especially if you don’t have any store near your place. The daily transaction can be made up to £ 2,500, while for the purchase of £10,000, the delivery can take 90 days. With each transaction, delivery charges will also be imposed, and you will pay for the entire order at your doorstep.Click and Collect, Click and Sell, Home delivery

Fees & Exchange Rates:

  • The exchange rate of transactions will remain the same as that of the price at the time of ordering. It will not face any fluctuations despite the changes in the international standard rates.
  • 0% commission is charged on all transaction and selling methods.
  • The company charges 0% commission on travel exchange currencies, so you have to pay for the Currency’s current international standard rate.
  • The postal charges for home delivery will be charged.
  • Free delivery services are provided from time to time on orders above £ 750.
  • The exchange rates at the store might fluctuate from the ones on the website.


  • ‘No1 Currency’ is one of the UK’s most reliable and widespread exchange companies. You can find their franchises almost anywhere within the state.
  • The company is offering its services in more than 60 currencies that are recognized worldwide.
  • The company charges 0% commission of travel exchange currency.
  • The customer’s utmost satisfaction is their policy, and they provide free consultancy in this regard too.
  • ‘No1 Currency’ is one of the few money exchange companies that offer numerous transaction options.
  • The initiative of ‘No1 Currency’ website has made the entire transaction process much quicker and durable, allowing everyone to access it even for the minor queries.

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