OrbitRemit is a New Zealand-based fast-growing digital startup that has been operating since 2009. Its mission is to facilitate currency exchange and money transfer by making sure the recipients get more cash than they ordinarily do. The services it provides are cheap, fast, and efficient.

Contact OrbitRemit

Phone number Australia
+61 2 8188 3735
Phone number New Zealand
+64 4 831 8780
Mobile App
Affiliate programs


Head office
Wellington, New Zealand
AU, NZ, The UK (sending); globe (receiving)

Transfer options

Transfer time
less than 24 hours
Transfer limit
Unlimited by OrbitRemit

Withdrawal options

Debit Card
Bank account
Cash Pickup

Payment options

Bank Transfer

It enables global money transfers and payment services mainly to destinations such as the UK, New Zealand and Australia. However, the company also serves 37 other countries, and the transfers cover 19 different currencies.

Transfer Transactions in 5 Easy Steps

At the heart of the company motto is the principle of efficiency and speed. Key to that is user-friendliness. It is for that reason the website and app are simple to use. Here are the five steps you need to follow to initiate a transaction.

Step 1: Register a free account on the OrbitRemit website

The process involves:

  • Completing the “About you” section by entering your personal details.
  • Choosing the account type you prefer; either personal or business.
  • Saving your profile and continuing.
Register a free account

Step 2: Enter and save your recipient’s details including:

  • Recipient options i.e. personal bank account, someone’s bank account or business account.
  • Confirming the details and continuing.
Enter and save your recipient’s details

Step 3: Create a transfer by doing the following:

    • First review your transfer details.
    • Pick the option of either redeeming a free transfer or adding a reference for your recipient.
    • Check and if you are satisfied with the details, confirm and proceed to Fund Transfer
Create a transfer by doing the following

Step 4: Choose a payment option to fund your transfer

  • The payment method depends on where you are sending money from and where it is going.
  • Confirm a method to display the relevant details needed.
  • All questions about the transfer are answered in the “Funding Transfer section.”
Choose a payment option

Step 5: Monitoring the transfer progress

  • Having done all the above, you can now sit back and track the progress of your transfer.
  • Checking the status of the transfer can be done at any time.

It is all so simple.

Monitoring the transfer progress

The Fees & Exchange Rates

In terms of fees, OrbitRemit is one of the cheapest service providers. The fee is a one-time flat rate, and the exchange rates offered are highly competitive.

The exchange rates used are guaranteed, and the fees or rates the customers are charged is the same for everyone. Compared to banks, the company offers better rates.

The Advantages of Using OrbitRemit

When transfering money, OrbitRemit has all the advantages you need while transfering money such as:

  1. Flat rate fees and competitive exchange rates better than that of banks.
  2. Guaranteed exchange rates
  3. Same day speedy transactions.
  4. Cash is delivered to a pick-up location.
  5. The use of segregated accounts secures the customer’s money against loss.
  6. Provides convenient and easy process of sending money.
  7. The app for both Android and iOS devices facilitates mobility and ease of use anywhere.
  8. OrbitRemit gives referral benefits and some decent discounts.

And to top it all, every 11th transfer you make is free.

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