With millions of customers since it opened in 2009, Paga is one of Nigeria’s best companies to headline the e transfer business. It is primarily a mobile money transfer company that serves as an online platform where people send and receive money. If you’re based in Lagos or want to send cash to someone from the country, Paga offers the best way to transfer money to Nigeria.

Contact Paga

Mobile App
Customer service
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Head office
Lagos, Nigeria
15 countries (sending), Nigeria (receiving)

Transfer options

15 (sending to Nigeria)
1 (Nigerian Naira)
Transfer time
Transfer limit
$13,780 (Level III customers)

Withdrawal options

POS terminal

Payment options

Automated deposit
Bank transfer
Debit card
GT Collections
GTBank 737
Paga agent

The company gives customers a chance to shift from on-hand, physical cash transactions while also providing various financial services. These services include free online money transfer, direct deposit to banks, bill settlements, remittance, and more! It is trusted among 16 million customers as the main operator is licensed under the Central Bank of Nigeria. It also holds the largest distribution network for financial services in the country—present in a nationwide network.

How to make a transaction

  1. Paga gives customers four ways to sign up. You can register online through their site. They also have a mobile app. For those who prefer to call, they can also dial *242#. Agents also make it easy for people to sign up offline. sign up
  2. Verify your account. Certain levels of verification will allow you to unlock features as follows: Level 1: Where users only gave full name and phone. Level 2: Users give their full name, phone number, and address. Level 3: Users give the items in Level 2 as well as two references and a credit check report. Verify your account
  3. Set-up the Funds. The easiest way to set up your account with money is by linking your bank account or credit card to your account. You can also make deposits through an agent. Set-up the Funds
  4. Send Money. Once you’re done registering the account and it is verified, you can transact and send money. You may track this with a transaction code. The platform also allows you to save your recipient as a beneficiary for faster transactions.Send Money

Fees and Exchange Rates

The levels of verification mentioned above will also help determine how much money an account can transfer. Level I has a maximum daily limit of ₦50,000 (138 USD )  while Level III can transfer up to ₦5,000,000 (13k USD).

If you’re on the hunt for the cheapest way to send or deposit money through banks, this is a good platform. Fund account via card or bank debit and P2P Money Transfer service is free of charge. Bank deposits has a starting transaction fee of ₦10 up to ₦150 depending on how often you deposit.  Withdrawal fee is at ₦100.


Paga is one of the most known money transfer platforms in Nigeria because of these following reasons:

  • Its multi-level verification makes the platform safe for users too.
  • Affordable Fees. The fees in this platform are low for their P2P transfer service and even buying airtime.
  • Variety in services. You can count on your Paga app or account to settle bills, taxi rides, purchase securities, and more.
  • Receive money worldwide. This kind of global service makes it easy for Nigerians to receive money from anywhere in the globe, as long as they have a registered Nigerian phone number. Some of its remittance partners include Moneytrans, Terra Pay, Money Globe, Western Union, MFS Africa, FCC, Transferwise and more.

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