Pangea is one of the best ways to transfer Funds from the U.S to Asia and Latin America. Established in 2012 in the United States of America, Pangea is a reputable, positively reviewed digital money transfer provider. Pangea’s mission is to provide secure, affordable and fast transfers to their customers.

Contact Pangea

Phone number
+1 866-858-9928
Mobile App


Head office
Chicago, Illinois, USA
26 US states, Latin America, Asia

Transfer options

Transfer time
up to 45 minutes
Transfer limit (card)
$20 - $2,999/day ($6,000/month)
Cash transfer limit
$20 - $300/day ($2,000/month)

Withdrawal options

Bank account
Cash Pickup

Payment options

Bank Transfer
Debit Card
Credit Card

In 2017, it won two prestigious Finder Money Transfer Awards in the “Best User Experience” and “Fastest Money Transfer” categories. Pangea facilitates secure, cheap ways to wire funds from the U.S to Asia and Latin America

How to Make a Transaction with Pangea

You can transfer a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $900 for a cash pick-up payout per transaction, and a maximum of $2,999 per transaction for a bank account or debit card payout. The maximum amount you can transfer on your Pangea account in a 30-day period is $6,000 with a cap of $2,000 for cash pick-up payout out of the total transferrable amount. To transfer funds with Pangea:

  1. Sign up for a free account on their website or install their free app on your phone. Sign up
  2. Add your pay-in details such as bank account or debit card number. You may be requested for further information such as picture of recognized ID or Social Security Number. Once your information has been verified, you can use your account to send funds.Add your pay-in details
  3. Add recipient information such as their full names, street address, mobile phone number and preferred pay-out method Add recipient information
  4. Send funds to the receiver. Transactions are very fast with some completed in as little as 30 seconds. Bank transfers may take longer depending on the recipient’s bank. Send funds to the receiver
  5. Track your transfer on the provider’s mobile app or website. You get a notification as soon as the recipient receives the funds. Track your transfer

Fees and Exchange rates

Pangea facilitates one of the cheapest way to transfer funds from the U.S to specific countries in Asia and Latin America. They are positively acknowledged for stating up-front fees and exchange rates.

The service charges a flat fee on transfer that varies depending on your destination country and pay-in method. For bank account pay-ins, the transaction charge ranges from $0-$6.95. For debit card pay-ins, the transaction charge ranges from $3.95-$24.95. India and the Honduras are the countries with higher transaction charges on bank transfers.

Pangea locks on an exchange rate for a fixed period normally refreshed in 24 hours. This way, you know upfront what rate you will get on your transfer. Once the transfer has been made, the rate will not be adjusted. However, if you do not complete a transfer by the time the initial exchange rate expires. The transfer amount will be converted using the latest exchange rate.

Pangea earns a commission on exchange rates, so the rate the offer will be slightly lower than mid-market rates. Debit card and cash pick-up transfers attract better rates than bank transfers.


  • Transparent fees given at a flat-rate stated up-front with no additional fees to you or the receiver.
  • Fixed exchange rates pegged before you transact so you know the precise amount to be delivered to the receiver.
  • Super-fast transfers that can be completed in as little as 30 seconds, especially for cash pick-up and debit card transfers.
  • Track transfer status on Pangea’s mobile app to keep an eye on your transaction
  • Referral program that earns you $15 of credit every time a referee uses your unique referral code to complete their first transaction.
  • Positively-reviewed online e-transfer service with a stellar reputation

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