Pure Fx is a specialist international currency transfer firm based in London, UK and headquartered in Buckinghamshire. It was established in 2006, and is registered with the FCA.

It specializes in facilitating large international money transfers for individuals, business and online sellers. It supports transfers exceeding 50,000GBP with no upper limit for purchasing property, paying tuition fees, emigrating, and completing business deals in manufacturing, entertainment, commerce among others.

Contact Pure Fx

Phone number
+44(0)1494 725353
Customer service
Business account

Pure Fx

Head office
London, The UK

Transfer options

more than 10
Transfer time
1 -3 business days
Transfer limit
no limit

Withdrawal options

Bank account

Payment options

Online transfer

How to make a Transaction

  1. On Pure Fx’s website, navigate to the ‘register’ button to create a free, no-obligation account. Since Pure Fx works with individuals, businesses and online sellers, you will be requested for more in-depth information on the nature of your transactions to tailor for your currency needs.
  2. Upon completing your registration and verifying your personal information, you will be assigned a personal currency dealer. The dealer will be your point of contact with Pure Fx and will guide you through your transactions. You will agree on the exchange rate, and whether to lock this rate for a certain duration depending on your transfer circumstances.
  3. Next, you will send the payment to Pure Fx’s client account. Once Pure Fx has verified the pay-in, they will complete the transaction on your behalf.
  4. Pure Fx will exchange your funds into the beneficiary’s preferred currency, and deposit it into the beneficiary’s bank account.
  5. You will be provided with an international receipt as proof of the completed transaction.

Fees and Exchange Rates

Pure Fx has a mission to make international transfers for individuals, businesses, and online sellers fast and cost-effective. To this end, they facilitate some of the cheapest ways to send money from the UK to abroad.

  • For transactions of up to 50,000GBP, a flat fee of 15GBP is charged per transaction
  • For transactions above 50,000GBP, the sender gets one free transfer per transaction.
  • For transactions up to 50,000GBP within SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), a flat fee of 5GBP is charged per transaction

There is no limit to the amount of currency that can be transferred. The pay-in options available are: online transfers, CHAPS, cheques, BACS to Pure FX’s client account. Pure Fx will pay out in your selected currency to the beneficiary’s nominated bank account. Please note that some pay-in options such as cheques, will attract additional fees from your bank.

Pure Fx provides stronger exchange rates than high-street banks. Exchange rates are always fluctuating on the international currency market. However, you can expect a 0.28%-1% margin above mid-market rates on average. The margin will depend on your source currency as well as the destination currency.


  • Support for huge currency transfers to a wide selection of currencies in several countries across the globe.
  • Fast transactions with same-day transfers for most transactions.
  • Dedicated, experienced currency dealer who will lend professional support advising on exchange rates and guide you through the transfer process.
  • Lock an Exchange rate for up to 1 months to protect your business or funds from the fluctuations of the currency market.
  • A reputable company with full regulatory compliance and a longstanding reputation of client satisfaction.
  • Pure Fx has won the Feefo’s ‘Gold Trusted Service Award’ for three consecutive years, an acknowledgement of their client-oriented approach to service delivery

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