RationalFX has with time, evolved to become one of the best international money transfer providers. With close to 200,000 clients and having transacted billions, it is undoubtedly one of the companies worth reviewing.

In this article, we help you answer questions revolving around how to use it, exchange rates, and the advantages you will enjoy if you opt to use it.

Contact RationalFX

Phone number
+44 20 7220 8181
Customer service
Business account


Head office
London, The UK

Transfer options

more than 170
more than 50
Transfer time
1-2 days
Transfer limit
min £100

Withdrawal options

Debit Card
Bank account

Payment options

Debit Card
Credit Card
Bank Transfer

How to Make a Transaction

If you want to send money abroad using this transfer method, follow the following steps:

  1. Sign Up. Visit the RationalFX website to sign up using your email. Create a password for your account and choose the type of account you’d like to use. Rational FX gives you about ten options for a business account. So, choose one that meets your needs. For security reasons, and to verify that, indeed, the person creating an account is the owner, RationalFX will ask you to provide further details. They include full name, date of birth, address, and phone number. You’ll verify your details using a government-issued document such as ID and a proof of address.Sign Up Rational FX
  2. Provide Recipient’s Details and Amount You Want to Send. Enter the details of the recipient, their country of residence, and the amount you want to send. You’ll have to confirm the details before you move to the next step. So, ensure all the details are correct, then move on. amount you want to send Provide Recipient’s Details
  3. Pay for the Transfer. Pay for the transfer using the methods that RationalFX accepts. You can pay using three options: bank transfer, debit or credit card. Card payments are quite fast, and the cost is less than what you’ll incur if you opt to use bank transfer. Pay for the Transfer
  4. Send Confirmation. Confirm everything and click the send option. You will immediately get a notification that a transfer is ongoing, and the recipient will get it shortly. In most cases, the transfer is almost instant or can take a few hours to a day. The good thing is that you can check the status online anytime. Send Confirmation

Fees & Exchange Rates

RationalFX provides one of the best deals in the market when it comes to foreign exchange. Use the currency converter on its website to check the prevailing rates at any given time. Rates often change to reflect actual market rates.

On average, RationalFX charges an exchange rate margin of about 1.4%. It can, however, be slightly higher or less than this rate, depending on the amount you are sending. Transfer fees are also minimal and as low as £4 for amounts not exceeding £4000. Compared to other service providers, such a rate is one of the best in the market.

You should also note that depending on the payment method you’ve used as well as how the recipient will get the money, there may be other charges that might incur. They include landing fees and any applicable taxes. RationalFX does factor them in the cost when you are sending, so beware when making a trasfer.


Arguably, being one of the newest international money transfer service providers, there are many advantages you can enjoy if you use RationalFX. Here are some of its pros:

  • Much better rates
  • Currency experts for immediate help
  • Zero fees for regular payments and small transfers
  • The free daily market report
  • Multiple transfer options

In a nutshell, since its incorporation in 2005, RationalFX has risen fast to become one of the leading providers of international money transfers in Europe. It supports many currencies, provides the best rates, and is safe for use.

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