Remit2India is among  popular sites for people who wish to wire money to India. The company have been in the industry for 16 years. It provides users with the option to quickly and conveniently send money to India. Among the top countries that avail of their services are the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland.

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Mumbai, India
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Through Remit2India’s online platform, customers are presented with one of the easiest ways to send money with various payment modes and reasonable fees.

How to make a transaction

  1. Sign-up at the Remin2India site. This is a quick and easy step where you’ll provide basic contact information, date of birth, among others.Create account Remit2India
  2. Send Money Through Chosen pay Mode. You get to choose how you send your money. Next, you may be asked about other personal information as well as your bank account or credit card details. The receiver information and account details will also be required. Send Money Through Chosen pay Mode
  3. Track transfer. You can track if the proper recipient has received the money you send through the reference codes provided by Remit2India. Track transfer

Fees and Exchange Rate

Before finalizing your transaction, Remit2India makes sure that you get to perform enjoy favorable exchange rates. You may even lock the exchange rate so you can be set on the amount.  What sets Remit2India apart is that it provides a guaranteed exchange rate that protects you from foreign exchange fluctuations. This means that the rate is “locked (fixed)” at the time of your booking.

If you are also looking for the cheapest way to send money to India, Remit2India is a good choice as it has zero fees for any amount more than USD 999. They also have a high transaction limit so you can count on your money to arrive safely to your recipient without worrying about big fees.


Aside from being a pioneer in online international money transfer business, Remin2India has also built a trusted reputation among its users.

  • Wide-Reaching. India is a sub-continent and being a large country would require money transfer services to be efficient and easy to use among many. Fortunately, Remit2India allows you to send money to any bank in India!
  • Multiple Payment Modes. You are also presented with the option to choose a guaranteed rate and indicative rate.
  • Lock your ForEx. The ability to avail the exchange rate from when you did the transaction is a welcome feature in doing international business.
  • High Transaction Cap. It also has higher transaction limits that can allow you to send big amounts of cash without having to pay as much. This way you don’t have to worry about sending your money in batches.
  • Remit2India has ramped up its security game and makes sure its clients know that they are protected.

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