Small World is an online money transfer company that operates in twenty countries, using different names, and allows customers to send money over one hundred and eighty-three countries. It operates mostly in Europe, Canada, and the United States, using names like UNO, Swiss transfer, Express transfers, and LCC.

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Phone number
+44 2031980387
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Small World

Head office
London, the UK

Transfer options

more than 90
Transfer time
1-3 days
Transfer limit
no limit

Withdrawal options

Bank account
Cash Pickup
Debit Card
Home Delivery

Payment options

Bank Transfer
Credit Card
Debit Card

Small World services has developed a mobile application installed in IOS or Android, depending on the customer's mobile device. This application allows transfer of money from one country to another easier and faster since it's just one click away. The customer may opt to use the mobile app or use one of the nearest agents, in case that's more convenient for them. Small World is among a few money transfer options that allow clients to send more across many countries and provides them with a range of options to receive the money. These options include using banks, mobile wallets, or direct cash pick up.

How to make a Transaction

  1. First, create your account on the Small World website by filling in your details on the webpage.Create account SmallWorld
  2. Proceed to fill details of the recipient; this includes the names of the person and their location.details of the recipient
  3. Having filled these details, set up your transfer with Small World by entering the amount of money you wish to transfer and the number of fees you will incur during the transfer process.the amount of money you wish to transfer
  4. Then, pay for this transfer to complete the transaction by using money from your local bank account or a debit card. Small World will directly deduct the money from your account before proceeding to complete the for the transfer
  5. The last step is completed by Small World company, whereby it converts the money into the recipient's local currency. After converting the money, the company sends the money to the receiver on their selected payout option.The last step

Fees and Exchange Rates

Small World money Transfer Company allows people to send money across different nations at very affordable costs. The company offers great money transfer rates and fees that are constantly reviewed to ensure that customers can send money to their preferred locations at low costs. In comparison with banks, Small World company charges lower costs than these banks, making it the best choice for customers wishing to transfer money using a safe and reliable option.

Advantages of Small World Financial Service

  • It provides for a safe and secure money transfer service to different locations. The company has over 15 million registered customers who use it since it securely sends money to a given location.
  • Moreover, its operations are regulated by the financial services, making it a credible money transfer company.
  • It offers a convenient way of sending and receiving money because it allows the customer and the recipient to use a range of cash payout options to access the money.
  • Small World provides the customer with great service that includes real-time tracking of their transaction and local support for their customers. This ensures that the customers are comfortable and receive their payments within the correct timelines.

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