Unistream is an international company that felicitates money transfer. The service initially started as a Unistream Bank, but it emerged as a separate company in 2006.

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Phone number
+7 (495) 744 5555
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Head office
Moscow, Russia

Transfer options

Transfer time
10 minutes
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Withdrawal options

Bank account
Cash Pickup

Payment options

Debit Card
Credit Card
Bank Transfer

Unistream is currently operating in about 100 countries over 335,000 locations. They have been cooperating with money transfer network Money to Ltd since 2016. If you want to send money, you should make a wise move by selecting the best exchange rate and low fees for the transfer.

Advantages of using the cheapest way to send money

If you plan to send money abroad using Unistream, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open an account. Visit the official website and open an account there, free of any cost and wire money.Open an account
  2. Enter details. You will need to enter the recipients' details and the name of the country where the money will be sent. No doubt, it is the easiest wayto send money abroad.Enter details
  3. Set up transfer. Setting up a transfer with Unistream is essential so you can enter the amount of money you have to send or how much you want to pay for the process of transfer.Set up transfer
  4. Pay for the transfer. You can fund the transfer either with the help of your bank accountor use your debit/credit card.Pay for the transfer
  5. Let Unistream do the rest. Unistream will convert your money and send it to the recipient's account with the payout option.

How to make transactions?

If you want to find out how to send money online and that too with the best exchange rates, look at the four steps below:

  1. Check the NPR mid-market rate against sending money. You need to make your transfer on a specific date when the mid-market is higher than usual. It will help you save a lot of effort and money. Take advantage of the smart alerts and keep tracking the NPR mid-market rate against the amount of currency you are sending.
  2. Find the best deals by comparing all companies. There are money transfer services for sending money. You need to select the right company according to your convenience and save costs.
  3. Select the best provider. Picking the option with the most competitive pricing and the shortest time for transfer will be the right choice. The best provider must have the highest reviews and provides the best of facilities.
  4. Sign up and start your transactions. Checking the money transfer provider's homepage will be the best thing to do. You have to complete the sign-up process or sometimes have to give your documents and confirm identity. Set up your money and transfer money to Nepal quite quickly.

Fees and Exchange rate

The fees for transfer lso depend on the amount of money that is being transferred. If the amount of transfer is large, you will get better exchange rates, but if the amount is small, the rates may fluctuate.

Why you should choose Unistream to provide transfer services?

  • You can get the best services providers in the market and that too at affordable rates
  • The fees and exchange rates are markets competitive
  • The transfer service providers are secure and reliable
  • A million users across the globe trust the site

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