WorldFirst — online foreign exchange firm established in the year 2004 by Nick Robinson and Jonathan Quin that allow clients - both individuals and businesses - to engage in money transfers and international payments. The process is made easy, secure, faster, and cheaper due to the better exchange rates offered. Over time it has grown its reputation in the business that it has an excellent rating in Trustpilot having transacted billions of pounds.

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+44 207 801 1065
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Head office
London, UK
global coverage

Transfer options

Transfer time
depends on the currency (average 24h)
Transfer limit
min £250

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Bank account

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Bank transfer
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Credit card

This service provider is one of the best ways to transfer money from one country to another as it allows you to transact in over 130 currencies in paying overseas suppliers and transfer money to your loved ones back at home.

Steps to Wire Money Using WorldFirst

  1. Account Opening - visit the company's website and sign up to an account online or on the phone which should take less than 10 minutes.Account Opening
  2. Verify Your Identity - it is prudent then to provide all your required information and documents making sure that all information provided is verifiable.Verify Your Identity
  3. Login and Rates Confirmation - login to your account after successful verification. Proceed and study the live rates at your disposal before choosing your preferred one.Login and Rates Confirmation
  4. Provide the Recipient's details - the firm needs all information to whom and where the money is to be transferred. Make sure to verify all the provided information before proceeding with the process.Provide the Recipient's details
  5. Transfer Set-up - make entry of the amount of money to be sent and how to pay for that transfer to happen. Take care to counter check and verify all details for accuracy.Transfer Set-up
  6. Transfer Payment - proceed and pay for the transfer through bank account transfer, credit card, debit card, or the appropriate transfer method at your disposal.Transfer Payment
  7. Money Delivery - the company will take over in completing the e transfer by converting the money to your recipient’s currency before sending via the preferred pay-out option.

The Transfer Fees and Exchange Rates

WorldFirst is one of the cheapest ways to send money from one country to another by charges on annual transfer volume. First, it is free to set up any WorldFirst account, open multiple international currency accounts, and zero monthly or annual subscription fee payable. The only charges payable in using this service is on fixed transparent fees in currency conversion that are always incorporated in the foreign exchange margin. The company charges a fixed exchange rate of 0.5% against the annual transfer amount of £0-£500K, 0.25% in transferring £500k-£5M, and 0.15% in transferring £5M and above. The exchange rates offered are live and very competitive across all currencies.

Advantages of Using WorldFirst

  • One of the largest and most trusted online transfer services going by the high rating, accolades, and awards it has gained over time.
  • One of the easiest ways to transfer money starting from signing up to making follow up of the process from the beginning to the end.
  • Offers highly competitive, transparent, and fixed transfer fees and foreign exchange rates to all currencies across the world.
  • Flexibility in transactions due to its involvement with the largest, multiple varieties of currencies that are traded both locally and internationally.
  • The fastest and secure means of transfers online or via telephone through a great online system and App that grant personalized customer service.
  • The company is also known for a vibrant, responsive, and most courteous staff.

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