Xoom is an online money transfer platform that renders remittance services to its customers. You can wire money to many countries, pay bills, and perform mobile top-ups through this e-transfer provider.

Contact Xoom

Phone number
810 1 415-395-4225
Mobile App


Head office
San Fransisco, US

Transfer options

Transfer time
from minutes to a few days
Transfer limit
60,000 USD (30-day limit)

Withdrawal options


Payment options

Bank transfer
Debit Card
Credit Card

Xoom Corporation was founded by Kevin Hartz in 2001, and has its headquarters in San Francisco CA, United States. The company was an independent publicly traded company before its acquisition by PayPal in 2015.

How to Make a Transaction

The best way to transfer money through this provider is by following the steps given below.

  1. Opening a Free Account. Registering on the platform is easy via their website. The easiest way for you to do so might be the mobile app based on convenience. And yes, the process is free of charge.Opening a Free Account
  2. Providing Your Recipient’s Details. You have to exercise caution when entering details on the platform. At this stage, you will be giving information about who you are sending to (be it an individual or an organization), and the destination (location).Providing Your Recipient’s Details
  3. Entering the Amount You Want to Send. Setting up the transfer requires you to state the amount to be transferred. As stated earlier, you need to be careful when doing so.Entering the Amount You Want to Send
  4. Choosing a Payment Method. This step requires you to choose how you want to fund the transaction—be it via a credit card, debit card, or bank account. Consider the cheapest option for you before making a decision.Choosing a Payment Method
  5. Paying for the Transaction. Funding the transfer comes right after choosing a payment method. The money will be sourced via the option you chose.Paying for the Transaction
  6. Waiting for the Transaction to Be Completed. You have done your part with the above steps. Now, it is time to leave Xoom to handle the rest. The platform will handle currency conversions, and ensure that the money gets to the recipient in due time.Waiting for the Transaction to Be Completed

Fees and Exchange Rates

The exchange rates are usually above the mid-market rates. Xoom’s fees are based on the country you are sending from coupled with the selected destination. Other factors are your chosen delivery channel and payment method. In general, Xoom’s transfer fees range from $0 to $5.


In comparing this company with other e-transfer services, there are many things that may come to mind. In view of that, keep in mind that you will be enjoying the following benefits in patronizing this service provider:

  • A highly secure platform for safe transactions to over 130 countries.
  • Great customer support.
  • Easy and convenient transfers with the mobile app. You can set up the transaction in a few taps.
  • The mobile app is compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android.

Xoom ensures a high rate of customer satisfaction by providing top notch customer support. It is a credible service that provides first rate technology for secure transactions, so you do not have to worry about possible incidences of identity theft and fraud.

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