Xpress Money is arguably second to none when it comes to its instantaneous power to deliver cash internationally. Present in more than 170 countries; and with over 180,000 reputable online agents situated in different locations, it is among the most vibrant global money remittance companies.

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Dubai, Emirates

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few minutes
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based on the transfer corridor

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Bank Transfer

Founded in 1999 in the UK; and headquartered in London, the company has a solid delivery network that has consistently produced stellar results for the last 15 years.

Why is Xpress Money a Leading Cash Money Vendor?

As a renowned e transfer vendor, Xpress Money guarantees all its customers the safest, fastest and a highly secure means of remitting money to any location worldwide. It is convenient and simple to use Xpress because the company provides cash payment options for sending money from any of their agents.

However, at the pick-up end, you can decide on any alternative that works best for your recipient. You can send to a service delivering to homes, directly to a credit card, a mobile wallet or to a bank account. To find out more about the convenience of using this service, let’s give the highlights of the transfer procedures.

6 Steps about How to Make a Complete Transaction on Xpress

The cash transaction process using this transfer facility is one of the simplest you can ever hope to find anywhere on the internet. All it takes for one to complete a transaction by sending money and for it to be received at the other end are these 6 simple steps:

  1. Paying a Visit to an Xpress Agency. To send money, you must pay a visit to the Xpress money partner location nearest to you. Provide your recipients details.Visit to an Xpress Agency
  2. Physical Handing Over of MoneyHand over the money you want to be sent and you are as good as done because the cash is instantly remitted.Physical Handing Over of Money
  3. Sharing the 16-Digit XPIN with the BeneficiaryAsk for and collect a receipt and the 16-digit XPIN and you are ready to go. The other steps are for the receiver to take and they are as follows:Sharing the 16-Digit XPIN
  4. The Receiver Visiting an Xpress Agency. The receiver visits the nearest agent for Xpress Money.The Receiver Visiting an Xpress Agency
  5. Submitting the 16 Digit XPINOnce at the agency location, the receiver must produce authentic identification, preferably an ID card, and the 16-digit XPIN.Submitting the 16 Digit XPIN
  6. The Beneficiary Picks Up the Money. After the ID and XPIN are verified, the receiver is free to take the money. The sender then gets a SMS text message confirming the transaction.The Beneficiary Picks Up the Money

Fees & Exchange Rates

Whereas Xpress Money charges very low fees for sending money, the company’s exchange rate is always among the highest in the market. It uses the best comparison engine to ensure customers get great rates of exchange.

Advantages of Using Xpress Money Services

Some of the advantages that make Xpress a top favorite includes:

  • High exchange rates and low transaction costs.
  • The cash transfer experience is quick and hassle-free.
  • It provides an efficient comparison engine which gives instant results of the exchange rates on offer for different currencies.
  • Users in the UK can use a mobile application to transact money straight from their smartphones.
  • It is simple to use, fast and secure. That means affordability, security and speed.

Xpress Money ranks high among the most convenient and dependable global cash transfer options out there. Trust us and try it NOW! 

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