KoronaPay is the biggest and most familiar online payment method in Russia. KoronaPay has millions of clients all over the world due to its high standing unique features. This site presents an easy and convenient fund transfer procedures making it easier for the customers. Now you can transfer funds to your loved ones at any time without a hassle from over 50,000 brokers located in Russia, the CIS, and other countries around the world.

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Novosibirsk, Russia
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We are also delighted to inform you regarding KoronaPay Europe Limited, which is an official partner of the KoronaPay System located in Europe. KoronaPay Europe is an EMI licensed online payment system by the Central Bank of Cyprus, and it is licensed for executing payment activities among various payment services and for delivering fund transfer services.

How to transfer funds?

KoronaPay facilitates the customers to transfer money via a person or through the online platform which makes the process of fund transfer easy and convenient to the user. Refer to the given below topic to get comprehensive knowledge about each procedure.

How to make transactions via person?

Now you can carry out a global transaction by simply informing a specialist or a bank employee in your current location regarding your need to transfer money via the KoronaPay system with the follow-up information concerning:

Your Government-issued ID The country or city you prefer to transfer funds to. The contact number of the sender and beneficiary. The first and last name of the beneficiary.

Also, keep in mind that the payment can only be done via cash and the transfer can be carried out only to the locations marked on the KoronaPay map.

How to send funds via online?

You can use the koronapay.com website or install the KoronaPay mobile application via Google Play or App store to carry out an online transfer to your loved ones. However, the payment can only be done via cards issued in Belarus, Russia, or Kazakhstan.

  1. Visit the company's website.Visit the company's website.
  2. Choose a country, amount and currencyChoose a country, amount and currency
  3. Enter the recipient's details (card number, full name and telephone number). Enter the recipient's details
  4. Pay with your card Pay with your card

How much money can be transferred via KoronaPay?

Generally, you are free to transfer any amount of money up to 600 000 RUR, 15 000 EUR, and 20 000 USD respectively. However, keep in mind that some countries have set limits on how much money can be paid out.

Fee and Exchange Rates

KoronaPay is specialized in delivering the lowest customer fees to the senders. Also, regular pricing campaigns are carried out with the mind of affording free of charge services to the customers.


KoronaPay is specialized in providing quality services to the customers with 24/7 live customer support including holidays. With KoronaPay you can save unnecessary service costs and enjoy a great exchange rate which lets to send more money to the recipient. Now you can transfer funds to your family, employee, or friends living overseas and within Russia without a hassle by using the online platform or via specialized agents.

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