Founded in the year 2010, WorldRemit has grown over time to become one of the most reliable money transfer service providers worldwide. The company has its headquarters in London and now enjoys a great customer base in more than a hundred countries.

Contact WorldRemit

Phone number(UK)
+44 20 7148 5800
Phone number(US)
+1 888 772 7771
Mobile App
Customer service


Head office
London, United Kingdom

Transfer options

56(sending) 150(receiving)
Transfer time
less than 24 hours
Transfer limit
30,000 GBP (UK)

Withdrawal options

Bank deposit
Cash Pickup
Mobile top-up
Mobile wallet
Home delivery (some countries)

Payment options

Debit Card
Credit Card
Bank Transfer

In this article, we review how to make a transaction using WorldRemit, fees & exchange rates and its advantages. We hope that you’ll find all answers to the questions you have about this money transfer company.

How to Make a Transaction

Sending money with WorldRemit is never a hassle. Here are easy steps to use if you want to make a transaction:

  1. Choose the Country. Select the country you are sending money to or from. Simply choose from a list that WorldRemit provides as the countries it supports.Choose the Country
  2. Indicate the Amount. Enter the amount that you would like to send and select the pay-out method that you prefer to use for your transaction.Indicate the Amount
  3. Enter Recipient’s Details. Provide the details of the recipient depending on their country of residence. You should also indicate the method you want them to use in getting the money. Enter Recipient’s Details
  4. Confirm Details and Hit the “Send” Button. Once you’ve confirmed that all details (Amount, recipient, and method), click the send button to authorize the transaction.Confirm Details and Hit the “Send” Button
  5. Confirm Fees and Exchange Rates. Upon clicking the send button, you will get a dropdown menu of all the costs associated with your transaction. If you are satisfied with everything, go ahead to pay.Confirm Fees and Exchange Rates
  6. Pay for the Transfer. WorldRemit allows payments through bank transfer, credit and debit cards. So, choose the method that you are okay with and proceed to pay.Pay for the Transfer
  7. Payment Confirmation. You will get a text and email confirmation of your payment, meaning that the transaction was successful. In most cases, the recipient gets in almost instantly.Payment Confirmation

Fees and Exchange Rates

WorldRemit offers you very competitive fees and exchange rates. It is one of the cheapest money transfer service providers you’ll find. It also has special offers and promotions that you can take advantage of to send your money to many parts of the world conveniently.

While the fees payable are sometimes a flat rate, they usually depend on a few key factors. First is the amount of money. You are likely to pay higher fees for higher amounts of money. Secondly, the pay-out method you use is also a factor. Cash pickups tend to be a bit expensive. The other factor, of course, is where you are sending the money.

It is also worth noting that unlike other money transfer service providers, WorldRemit does not charge any extra fee. As a user, you will only pay based on the factors we’ve highlighted. No hidden fees, hence it’s a trustworthy service provider.


Without a doubt and based on our review, WorldRemit is one of the most reliable money transfer service providers available. To highlight some key things that make it one of the best methods, here are the advantages:

  • Setting up the account and transfer is pretty simple
  • Supports many currencies
  • Has a large pool of satisfied customers
  • Remains one of the cheapest options
  • Secure, and the transactions are almost instant

Generally, if you had any questions about WorldRemit, we hope you have found the answers. For your information, it is cheap, you can trust, and the fees are also competitive.

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