ACE-FX — a London-based foreign exchange specialist and dealer known for their competitive exchange rates. It takes pride in its customer service quality and ability to buy and sell at a lower price than its competitors in the bureau de change industry in London. It updates its rates with the best currency rates as published and made available nationally. You can count on ACE-FX to match or offer better rates than another supplier in the city.

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+44 20 7357 7373
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London, The UK
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within 2 days

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Bank account
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Aside from buying or selling currencies, you can also do Money Transfers abroad. If you’re looking for the best way to transfer money abroad after having a good conversion rate, try ACE-FX. They also have prepaid cards which you can use and top-up online anywhere, as long as you got a bank account or credit card.

The website for ACE-FX is designed for visitors to clearly see all the services offered as well as a quick guide on how successfully go through all the services they offer.

How to make a transaction

How to make a transaction
  1. Set up Account. ACE-FX made it easy for users to register on their website.
  2. Send Money to 100 countries. You can hook your e-transfer account with your bank account for easier transaction. The site also offers way for you to watch the conversion rates to help you decide when is the best time to send your money
  3. Track the Transaction. Use the account and the provided transaction reference codes to see if the money you sent has been received.
  4. Explore other services. Once you’re done, you can check out the other services offered on the platform, too!

Fees and Exchange Rate

If you’re in London or have already set up an account, you can see that ACE-FX offers perhaps the cheapest way to send money from London to abroad. Their services are designed so that you can save between £10 to £40 for every £1,000 on overseas payments compared to sending the same amount through a bank.

Wire money from London to abroad using ACE-FX. You may even transact with one-off payments involving big money such as buying property in another country, emigrating, and more! It also offers the best exchange rates and the easiest way for you to “fix” the rate at up to two years. This means you get to enjoy the rate you prefer for up to two years. Schedule payments for mortgages, bills, salaries, and more!


Aside form giving customers the most optimal exchange rates and great customer relations service, ACE-FX is also a one-stop shop for your modern money transfer needs.

  • Sent to many countries. You can send and transact to up to 100 countries!
  • Easy Interface. The user interface and user experience is also made upfront and easy to use.
  • Free Prepaid Card. When you send money abroad, you get a free prepaid currency card, too!
  • Target Rate is Maintained. Foreign Exchange is volatile but ACE-FX allows you to choose your preferred rate so you get to transact when the Foreign exchange rates are on your favor!

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