Currency Online Group is an international currency exchange platform, based in the UK, that is dedicated to providing unbeatable rates to its customers.

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0203 718 3143
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Currency Online Group

Head office
London, The UK

Transfer options

more than 50
Transfer time
1-2 days
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no limit

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Bank account
Home delivery

Payment options

Debit Card
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Bank Transfer

COG is a trading name of Travel Online Group Limited. It was founded by CEO Paul Brewer in 2016. Brewer already had years’ worth of experience in the Foreign exchange sector. Head of Operations, Greg Collins, and others soon joined the team.

They use Royal Mail's Comprehensive delivery Network to cover all major cities and towns across the United Kingdom, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and all others.

How to make a transaction

It is easy to make transactions on COG's platform. Customers only have to follow these steps:

  1. Select your currency. As soon as you open the COG website, you can select the amount of money you need to exchange and the currency you would like. Select payment and choose delivery date.
  2. Delivery details. Enter home address details which must match where your debit card or bank account is registered.
  3. Payment and delivery. Pay by Debit card or bank transfer. Receive currency on chosen delivery date via Royal Mail Special Insured delivery, or collect from your local sorting office.

Fees and Exchange Rates

Currency Online Group has never and will never charge payment fees for their services. They believe that all currency exchange services should be free, both home and abroad. This is one of the areas of their high level customer service, which ensures easy online currency transfers for owners of property and business.

Independent fees may however arise from banks during ATM withdrawals or POS transactions.

As regards their exchange rates, COG is one of the best rated UK currency providers. Their rates are highly economical, and guaranteed to be better than those of banks. Their highly efficient rate depends solely on the current marketplace price of currency, and the market index.


  • No Payment Fees. COG does not charge any payment fees for exchanging foreign currency – locally or internationally – despite the fact that their services cover over 50 currencies. This is encouraging for individuals and business owners interested in currency exchange services.
  • Economical Rates. COG is the best rated UK currency provider because of their unbeatable rates, which are guaranteed to be cheaper than those of banks. They determine this rate from the current market price, thereby giving individuals and businesses the best deals available in currency exchange.
  • International Payments: Currency Online group provides money solutions for both private and business entities. No matter the size, they will guarantee to save their customers money on all international bank transfers.
  • Mobile App: Currency Online Group has an App that allows users to carry out exchanges conveniently wherever they are in the world. This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Prepaid Card. COG issues a multi-currency prepaid card, a highly flexible card that assures their customers’ convenience and value. This card gives Currency Online Group’s customers full freedom and flexibility to manage and control their currency wherever they are in the world.

With this, customers can easily spend on currencies when abroad, and they can make group payments or split bills easily between 2 or more people. Customers can start using this card before it arrives, by activating it on the app, and it can be used at any Mastercard accepted location worldwide.

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