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OFX was established in 1998 and is among the largest foreign exchange companies globally and Australia's largest non-banking FX service provider. The company's main aim is providing individuals as well as companies cost-effective and fast options to all the available foreign exchange services

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Phone number(UK)
+44 207 614 4194
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Head office
Sydney, Australia

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Transfer time
1-2 days
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Bank deposit

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Domestic Funds Transfer
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OFX headquarters is based in Sydney and has its offices across other countries such as Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, UK, Hong Kong, and the US. The company is listed on the Australian stock exchange. OFX was previously known to many as OzForex

It helped and continues to transfer money to millions of its customers across various countries with different currencies. 

The company has a global banking network that allows it to provide good pricing and a better exchange rate that saves you money unlike traditional options such as banks.

How to make a transaction

To make a successful transaction in OFX, the following steps will help:

  1. Click "transfer now". Choose which currency you have and the one you want to transfer to and the amount you wish to transfer. Click
  2. Add recipients details (account name, account number e.t.c) Add recipients details
  3. Review and confirm (Enter a "reference" which will be visible on the recipient’s bank account statement. Also enter the reason for transfer). Select ‘Review & Confirm’ for a final check Review and confirm

However, if one prefers, you can set up a transaction with an OFX dealer through the OFX mobile app available on Android and IOS. 

Our app allows you to check the exchange rates in the market live and initiate an international money transfer. One can also track their money during the transfer process at any time and anywhere.

Fees & Exchange Rates

OFX Fees

No transfer fees are charged in all their transactions. The whole amount conversion is at an agreed exchange rate.

Another fee encompasses payments settlement through a domestic bank account without the need for receiving bank fees. 

In some cases, when transferring money to the beneficiary account, OFX assures you of no deductions from intermediary banks during the process.

Exceptions to the above are ZAR and JPY that might attract additional fees due to the local regulations.

OFX Exchange Rates

OFX has an array of the best exchange rates in the market. The more one spends, the better the exchange rate OFX guarantees you.

The rate agreement an individual makes with OFX helps one know before the beneficiary you want will receive despite the evolution of the exchange rate.


The benefits one gets by using OFX as its choice in non-banking FX service provider include:

  • Has an outstanding customer service with the needed expertise;
  • Many years of experience as well as being the largest in the business which guarantees satisfactory services;
  • Availability is 24/7 both online and by phone; hence one can also track their money during the transfer process anytime and anywhere. 
  • Has an extensive network in banking thus fast and the affordable collection as well as funds delivery;
  • Easy and simple transaction processes with zero transfer fees.

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